Sunday, April 24, 2011

What About Your Now Moment?

What are you doing with your now moment? This is the main question of "The Party Chick" chapter of God Chicks by Holly Wagner. I have been reading this book as part of my Thursday night small group Bible study. Wagner says, "We are given the moment called now. And this moment will not come again. We are to live each moment." I am so guilty of always thinking forward, planning ahead, worrying about the future, etc. Rarely do I stop to think about my now moment: the place I am at right now. Usually, I am so busy trying to plan every last second, trying to take control of my life so there will be no surprises. Then, not only do I plan every second, I then worry about the plan and that it may not go the way I want (it's a sickness, I KNOW!!!) It is alright for me to look forward to something, but I cannot ignore my now moment as a result! Henry David Thoreau said, "You can't kill time without injuring eternity." As a Christian, it is my task to live every moment, using each moment to fulfill my mission (God's purpose for me). In the good now moments? Praise God! In the now moments where I have met goals or had victories? Celebrate! In my now moments of difficulties? Seek Joy! Lord, may I always be aware of my "now". Help me not to get so focused on the future (or the past) so that I may be useful to You. Amen

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