Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mary or Martha?

Tonight at church I was touched by the story of Mary and Martha, Lazarus's sisters. Do you remember them? Jesus was in their home, ministring to people when Mary left the kitchen to come sit at Jesus's feet while Martha remained in the kitchen. Martha got mad and complained to Jesus that Mary was not helping. In Luke 10:40 (NIV) it says that Martha was distracted. In verses 41-42, Jesus says, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her." Wow! That spoke volumes to me! I have had trouble staying focused all my life... easily distracted by the little things around me........ as an adult, my attention span has become that of a nine-year old child! I, like Martha, am distracted by the less-important things, losing my focus. Mary had the same responsibilities of her sister Martha (after all, they had a whole housefull of guests!) , yet she made the better choice. Mary realized that "the little things" were not important or as pressing compared with time at Jesus's feet. Most days I feel as though I'm running around with my hair on fire! There is SO MUCH to get done each day..... get up, get ready, feed the cat, drive to work, lesson plans, make copies, go home, cook, go to the gym, grade papers..... the list is endless! None of these are bad things, they are all things that need to be done........ yet not once did I mention spending time with Jesus. Too often, my time of Bible reading and quiet time is either put off until evening, or I just forget. I'm ashamed to admit that, but it's true. I'm too distracted with daily life. I'm too worried about the "many things" than to know the one thing that is needed.... renewing my relationship with Jesus. I've struggled in my relationship with God for years. After my time in Indiana, I came back home mad at God. I let my daily life distract me.... "I was too busy", "I really need Sunday to rest", all the excuses to keep from spending time with Him. I am trying to repair this relationship. I've come to realize that my life will never be different until I set my priorities straight. I must be involved in daily time alone with God. I must find a fellowship of believers whom I can encourage and be encouraged. Ultimately, I need to be a Mary. I need to chose the best thing (Jesus). So.... Margaret, don't be distracted!

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